Support Proposal to Include Bike Lanes in Current NYSDOT East Ave Project Plan

Need help knowing what to say when you call NYSDOT? Here is a short and sweet script:  

I’m calling about Project 409661: Resurface Rt 96 from the City of Rochester Line to Rt 31F in the Towns of Pittsford and Brighton, Monroe County. I’d like to request that the NYSDOT modify the current proposal for this 2.5 mile section of East Ave/Rt. to include 5′ bike lanes.

Incorporating 5′ bike lanes instead of 3.5′ shoulders and reducing the traffic lane width to 10′ (instead of 11′) would provide adequate space for bicyclists and minimize the ambiguity and danger drivers and bicyclists often face when sharing unmarked lanes. The traffic lanes as they exist now are 10′ wide. Maintaining that width would allow for 5′ bike lanes. 10′ lanes are also better for safety, as drivers will drive more cautiously than in a wider lane.

While I support the current NYSDOT vision to make that section of road safer for all people who use and live along it, I believe this minor modification to the current 3 lane plan would greatly improve safety. This modification would also make the project compliant with Pittsford’s Active Transportation Plan and Brighton’s Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.

Thank you for your work to make our community streets safer for all who use them and for your attention to East Ave/Rt. 96.



NYSDOT Contact:
Regional Director, Kevin Bush: (585) 272-3310

Region 4 NYSDOT Office:
1530 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623

[Read Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith’s letter of support.]