What Is Bike to School Day?

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What Is Bike to School Day? 

Mark your calendars for Bike to School Day 2018: May 9th!

Want to host Bike to School Day at your school? Use our checklist and get started

On May 10th, 2017  Jefferson Road Elementary School was the first school in Pittsford to participate in Bike to School Day! More than 120 students participated. The students joined 6 other schools in the Rochester area and more than 2,700 schools across the country to promote health, community, and safety by biking to school. 

While Jefferson Road Elementary was the only school officially participating in Pittsford this year, other families and students from other schools rode that day, as well. There were also schools in Brighton and the City of Rochester participating, so it was a reminder to car commuters to be alert and that they aren’t the only users of our roads.

Monroe County Schools participating this year:

      David B Crane Elementary School
      French Road Elementary School
      Genesee Community Charter School
      Indian Landing Elementary School
      Jefferson Road School
      School 19
    School 23

What Is Bike to School Day?

It is a day across the nation when students, parents and faculty bike to school. The first National Bike to School Day took place in 2012, with nearly 1,000 local events in 49 states and the District of Columbia. This year, more than 2,600 schools will participate.

We envision Jefferson Road’s first Bike-to-School Day as a fun morning celebrating being healthy and active, practicing safe riding, highlighting the need for safe streets, and gathering with friends!

Why Is Bike to School Day Important?

Our ability to safely walk and bicycle is a vital part of what makes our community thrive. By creating opportunities for our young people to safely walk and bicycle, we can benefit community members of all ages, abilities and resources.

Many of our community streets aren’t safe for those outside of a car right now, in large part due to high traffic speeds and designs that prioritize driving over other modes of transportation. The Village and Town of Pittsford are working on the final draft of an Active Transportation Plan to help make our community streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Through Bike to School Day, we hope to encourage those who do have safe infrastructure to get to school by bike to bike to school more often. We hope to encourage those who do not to get involved to help improve the pedestrian and bike infrastructure in the village and surrounding areas.

There are many reasons to celebrate National Bike to School Day here in Rochester!

  • to encourage healthy habits in our children
  • reduce air pollution
  • promote safer and more accessible streets throughout our community
  • give children an opportunity to practice safe biking skills

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